GDS is very grateful for individual and community donations relying on these and an annual fundraising programme in order for the service to continue.


Collections- street & at Inverurie Loco Works, bag packing, charity shop

Donations provided from activities such as afternoon tea, charity golf outings

Charity Shop, George Street, Aberdeen

Monday 6 July – Saturday 11 July 2015

GDS operated the charity shop from 6-11 July 2015 and £2,719.80 was raised.  Thanks to everyone who donated goods and volunteered at the shop.

Garioch Charities Shop, 29 High Street, Inverurie

GDS benefits annually from a share of proceeds generated from the Garioch Charity Shop and GDS staff & volunteers work at the shop every 4th Saturday. Donations are always welcome.


The Trumpeter, quarterly newsletter for Service Users and supporters of GDS, provides an update on activities with Service Users, feedback on fundraising and details of upcoming events.

Links below to previous editions:

Issue 5 – May 2015

Issue 4 – January 2015


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