In 1992 the Manger of the Inverurie Dementia Team was concerned for the needs of carers of dementia sufferers and the service was formed, initially commencing in the Ashcroft Ward at Inverurie Hospital thereafter moving to the Wyness Hall then to St Mary’s Church Hall. In response to an increase in the amount of Service Users the first full time member of staff, Evalyn Collie, was appointed in 1994.

Due to growing numbers the service soon increased from its original one day per week on a Friday “The Friday Club”, to add Tuesday at the Inverurie Day Centre thereafter expanding to offer Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from locations in Insch, Alford and Kemnay.

It was the ambition of GDS to have a permanent base and after a great deal of negotiation Aberdeenshire Council granted the service permission to rent what had been the Warden’s flat at No 3 Pleyfauld House. Following hard work by many individuals and the generosity of local businesses the flat was made suitable for purpose. From 2006 the service has offered day care on Monday-Thursday for up to 14 people per day at Flat 3, Pleyfauld House and on Friday for up to 25 people at Inverurie Day Centre.

GDS registered as a charity in September 2000, regulated by OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator, and with the Care Inspectorate as an Adult Support Service in March 2013.

Evalyn retired in February 2015 and Neil Keith, who joined GDS in April 2014 as Deputy Manager, accepted the position of Manager.

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